Bunny from a Square – Well-Knitting Project 3

Bunny from a Square

Fabric and Knitted Friends

Years ago, when I was a very small person in a very large pram, fabric and knitted friends were given highly imaginative names. My first furry friend was Bear Bear. Then over the years my brother and I acquired Rabbit, Bunny, Little Panda, Big Panda and Jumbo. Fortunately, our parents were more imaginative when it came to our names!

May I introduce you to the latest member of the Being Knitterly household. Meet Bunny from a Square!

Cute knitted Bunny from a Square of garter stitch

Don’t you think he’s rather cute? He’s quite shy, but with encouragement was happy to nibble on some lovely green grass on this sunny afternoon.

Cute knitted Bunny from a Square of garter stitch

How to Knit Bunny from a Square

And yes, Bunny from a Square is made from one square knitted in garter stitch!  I knitted mine on 4.00 mm needles using Purelife British Sheep Breeds Undyed DK in mid brown Blue-Faced Leicester (782) from Rowan Yarns. This is a lovely soft and squidgy yarn, perfect for a cute friend.

I cast on 30 stitches and knitted 30 garter ridges (60 rows) before casting off. You can use any yarn and suitable needles. To vary the size of your Bunny from a Square, cast on any number of stitches and remember to knit about the same number of garter ridges as rows. You don’t need much yarn; my finished Bunny from a Square weighs about 20 g, including stuffing and tail.

This is a perfect well-knitting project; it is really easy and quick to make, so you get the buzz of finishing something without too much effort. It does not look like a beginner project, so it’s a great boost to your confidence. And whilst you may want to keep one for yourself, it would make a great gift, either for Easter or a new baby.

Cute knitted Bunny from a Square of garter stitch

Get Ready …

  • Small amount of yarn for the garter stitch square;
  • Smaller amount of yarn for the tail;
  • Even smaller amount of yarn for the eyes and nose;
  • Toy stuffing, or lots of yarn ends;
  • Yarn needle;
  • Table fork!

And Knit!

Once you’ve finished knitting your garter stitch square you’ll need to do some sewing. I show you where and how to stitch, and how to make the ears particularly rabbitty, and how to make the sweet little tail in my How to Make a Bunny from a Knitted Square tutorial.

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