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Best of 2017 for Being Knitterly included being a winner of Knit Now magazine's knitter of the year competition, publication of patterns for Rosalind sweater, Winchester sweater, Painterly shawl and Seed Heads collection.

Best of 2017 and my 2018 theme

2017 and all that! Happy New Year everyone!  I’ve been reviewing the last year and thinking about my 2018 theme. Theme for 2017: Connect A lot of good things happened during 2017. I was one of the winners of the designer category of Knit Now magazine’s Knitter of the Year competition. Rosalind sweater, my winning […]

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Working on Personal Sustainability in 2016

Working on Personal Sustainability in 2016

Easing Myself into the New Year A belated Happy New Year to Being Knitterly readers! I’ve been easing myself gently into the New Year. After weeks of intensive work in the last quarter of 2015, I’ve just coming out of “go-slow” mode. I’m going to reflect on how my well-being theme went in 2015 and think about my theme of […]

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The Journeys We Travel

A Ramble in Different Ways Old Journeys Earlier this year I read “The Old Ways” by Robert Macfarlane. Although this book was recommended to me, I knew nothing about it. For some reason, I assumed that it would be about old ways of doing things. However, it’s about ancient paths, the reasons for their existence and the […]

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Detail of snowdrops at Easton Walled Gardens

A Need for Nature

Oh, To Be Outside Many designers are inspired by nature, the colours, textures and forms, and nature certainly inspires me. However, today I’m writing about a more fundamental need – the need for nature. We live north of Birmingham and it is said that, if you do, the sunshine is not strong enough to enable […]

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These hands are my hands!

These Hands Are My Hands

The joys of being left-handed These hands are my hands. They look like normal hands. Everyday tasks But these hands write like this! These hands can manage to use right-handed scissors fairly neatly. These hands use a knife and fork in the conventional way, but hold a spoon with the left hand, chop vegetables with […]

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