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Wool animals: Wensleydale sheep from Home Farm

Wool and Woolly Animals at Wonderwool

All About Wool! Wonderwool Wales is a celebration of wool, from different sheep breeds, and other animal fibres, such as alpaca, angora and mohair. As well as yarn for sale, several exhibitors have their fibre animals on show. These were on my must-see list, so let’s start with them. Wool Animals The Angora rabbits from Bigwig Angoras were unbelievably fluffy. […]

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Easter Bunny's tail

Easter Bunny

A New Friend for Big Bunny and Little Bunny Since you first met Big Bunny and Little Bunny, they’ve had a few adventures. They explored Nottingham, looking for carrots. They visited Avignon and were nearly rabbi-napped! They’ve been to London and nibbled on carrot cake at the V&A. So much excitement for these bunnies. Well, they’ve had […]

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Colourful umbrellas in the street, Arles

Little Bunny and Big Bunny go Holiday Hopping

Happy Holiday Hopping Early one morning, a few weeks ago, Little Bunny and Big Bunny took a train to go holiday hopping. They were so excited at the prospect of exploring somewhere new. The two bunnies enjoyed looking out of the train window, watching the fields pass by. As we travelled south, the crops changed from […]

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Swan River cardigan on the needles

Reflecting on Resolutions

Happy New Year! I’m assuming that you have made New Year’s resolutions, but have you ever succeeded in keeping one? I have managed to keep one resolution for several years, but that is probably my only real success. It can be done! A few years ago I decided to stop buying women’s magazines. Not that […]

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