How to Knit for Improvers short course

Improvers knitting course in January 2019

How to Knit for Improvers short course

Let me tell you a bit about the improvers knitting short course that I’m running next in January 2019.

Improvers knitting: learn the techniques needed for a simple garment during How to Knit for Improvers short course with Nicki from Being Knitterly

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Why should you come to this improvers knitting short course?

Maybe you can cast on, knit and purl and cast off. You might have knitted a few scarves in garter stitch and stocking stitch, but you’re not sure what to try next. Maybe you’ve already done the How to Knit for Beginners short course with me. You’re ready to learn some more knitting techniques so that can knit your first garment.

I’ll also provide delicious homemade biscuits or cake and a variety of hot drinks. And if we’re lucky, the Being Knitterly barista (Mr BK), will be around to make some rather nice coffee!

How will you learn?

I’ll demonstrate each stitch, both to groups and individuals. The first few times that you try a technique, I’ll talk you through the process as you do it. You’ll also be given a handout with photographs and written instructions for each technique. Practise makes perfect, so a bit of practice between each class will help too.

You’ll practise changing colour by knitting a small sample. You’ll also knit a mini-garment to practise shaping, sewing seams and picking up stitches.

“Nicki is there every step of the way demonstrating, explaining and making sure that you don’t feel an absolute idiot when faced with new techniques! I was thrilled with the new skills I learned and am eagerly looking forward to the next course. Meanwhile I will be tackling some projects on my own that I wouldn’t have felt confident to try before this course.”


What will you learn?

You’ll learn to:

  • Knit a tension square and measure stitch and row tension.
  • Knit stripes by changing colour.
  • Increase and decrease neatly.
  • Make up a simple garment so it looks good.
  • Follow a simple pattern.

In the first improvers knitting class you’ll learn about the things you need to know before knitting a garment. I’ll show you a simple knitting pattern and help you understand it. I’ll show you how I keep track of my rows when I’m knitting a garment. You’ll learn how to knit a tension square and use it to measure stitch and row tension. You’ll also learn how to change colour so that you can knit stripes.

In the second class you’ll learn more techniques necessary to knit your first garment. You’ll learn how to shape garment pieces using increasing and decreasing, and how to shape shoulders. You’ll also learn how to make edges suitable for seams or picking up stitches.

In the third class you’ll learn how to finish your first garment. You’ll block your knitting and, join seams using mattress stitch, as well as picking up stitches around a neck edge for a neck band. You’ll leave ready to make a simple garment such as a sweater in stocking stitch.

When does it take place?

19:00 – 21:00, Tuesday evenings, 15, 22 & 29 January 2019.

Where is the Being Knitterly Studio?

The Being Knitterly Studio is based in Loughborough, north Leicestershire. Full details and directions will be sent to you upon booking.

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