Modular Knitting workshop

Have fun with Modular Knitting in September 2018

Modular Knitting workshop

I’m teaching a Modular Knitting workshop at Hope & Elvis in September.

Modular knitting (also known as mitred or domino knitting) involves knitting module one at a time. This is done seamlessly by picking up stitches from the edge of a previous module. Various shapes can be used for modules; in this workshop you will learn the simplest one: the mitred square. The technique is relatively simple; the fun starts when you knit stripes. The decreases in a mitred square cause the stripes to form a corner rather than straight lines. It’s easy to create a knitted item that looks wonderful, but is actually easy to knit!

Knit mitred squares during the Modular knitting workshop

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Why should you come to the Modular Knitting workshop?

You are intrigued by the technique of modular knitting because you’ve seen some amazing designs. Maybe you have tried to knit mitred squares but struggled to pick up stitches neatly. You want to experiment with your own colour combinations, but using a simple technique. Maybe you may just want a fun day out with like-minded individuals.

You’ll have refreshments all day, as well as a delicious home-baked cake in the afternoon.

How will you learn?

I’ll demonstrate techniques, both to groups and individuals. The first few times that you try a new technique, I’ll talk you through it while you do it. You will repeat all the techniques a few times to make a small sample.

After lunch (you can bring your own pack lunch or buy goodies from the amazing Welbeck farm shop), the fun really begins. You’ll see what happens when you try out different stripe patterns. We’ll discuss how to turn your ideas into projects. You will finish the workshop inspired by everyone’s samples and wanting to try out different colour and stripe combinations when you get home.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn to:

  • Knit a mitred square in garter stitch.
  • Work a variety of decreases.
  • Make additional mitred squares by picking up stitches.
  • Knit triangles to fill in gaps at the edges.
  • Plan a project using mitred squares.
  • Vary the basic mitred square using stripes.

You’ll leave the Modular Knitting workshop with your knitted samples and instructions for the techniques covered, as well as plenty of ideas to try at home. You’ll be ready to make your first modular knitting project, such as a cushion cover, bag, scarf or throw.

When does the workshop take place?

10:00–16:00, Saturday 8 September 2018.

Where is Hope and Elvis?

Hope and Elvis, in the grounds of the Welbeck Estate, is part of the Harley Foundation. Founded in 1977 by the late Ivy Duchess of Portland it funds the Harley Gallery and offers subsidised studios to artists, makers and restorers. The Welbeck Estate is in the Dukeries; this is at the northern end of Sherwood Forest. It’s close to South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and north Derbyshire.

You will receive full details and directions upon booking.

Places cost £60.00. This includes tuition, yarn for swatches, instructions, refreshments and home-baked cake.

Booking has closed.

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