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A blue-green retangular shawl hung up over a wooden coathanger on the back of a white painted door.

Meltwater shawl

Meltwater shawl My inspiration for the stitch patterns that I used for the Meltwater shawl was the diamond window panes in the Gherkin building, as it is familiarly known, in the City of London. You knit Meltwater in rows as one piece. You start with a crochet cast-on followed by a narrow garter stitch border. […]

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A Fair Isle headband and balls of Shetland yarn

Fair Isle Knitting workshop

Fair Isle Knitting workshop – September 2020 Hope & Elvis I’m teaching my popular Fair Isle Knitting workshop at Hope & Elvis in September. Knitters admire Fair Isle knitting because of the beautiful use of colour and the variety of patterns. Join me to learn about different stranded colourwork traditions as well as learning and […]

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Sample made from mitred squares during a modular knitting workshop with Nicki Merrall from Being Knitterly

Modular Knitting workshop

Have fun with Modular Knitting in March 2020 Modular Knitting workshop I’m teaching a Modular Knitting workshop at the Being Knitterly Studio in March. Modular knitting (also known as mitred or domino knitting) involves knitting modules one at a time. This is done seamlessly by picking up stitches from the edge of a previous module. […]

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Knitwear Finishing Techniques workshop at Hope & Elvis

Knitwear Finishing Techniques workshop

Learn knitwear finishing techniques in 2020 Make your hand-knits look handmade, not homemade I’m teaching my popular Knitwear Finishing Techniques workshop at the Being Knitterly Studio in February 2020. Let me tell you a bit about it. Why should you come to the Knitwear Finishing Techniques workshop? You might have knitted a garment and it didn’t […]

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Faraday scarf by Nicki Merrall published in The Knitter magazine

Faraday scarf

Faraday scarf by Nicki Merrall New knitting pattern published by The Knitter magazine The Knitter magazine has just published the pattern for my latest design, Faraday, a unisex scarf. Inspiration for Faraday I had the idea for Faraday a few years ago during an early morning creativity session resulting from insomnia. I was playing around […]

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Colour creative knitting workshop: learn how to choose yarn to create a colour palette working from an inspirational image such as flowers with Nicki from Being Knitterly

Colour creative knitting workshop

Creative knitting workshop in March 2018 Colour creative knitting workshop I’m returning to The Refectory Table to teach my popular Colour creative knitting workshop.   The Refectory Table is run by Janet Currie, a creative consultant, avid gardener, maker and project manager. Janet hosts inspirational creative business courses and art workshops for small groups sat around […]

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Bubbles beanie hat designed by Nicki Merrall from Being Knitterly

Bubbles beanie hat

Bubbles beanie hat One year, the week before Christmas, I decided to knit a hat for my cousin’s Christmas present. I played around with a few ideas from which the Bubbles beanie emerged. Fortunately, it’s quick to knit, so it’s perfect for gift knitting! The bubbles on this beanie are formed using a simple cable pattern. They […]

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