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A crochet hook and a foundation chain: ready to learn where to insert your hook in the foundation chain

How to crochet tutorial: inserting your hook in the foundation chain (for crocheting right-handed)

Foundation chains and foundation rows I thought I’d share with you answers to some of the questions that students often ask when learning to crochet. You may have read or been told that it doesn’t matter how you crochet. In some instances this is true. However if you want to follow a pattern and would like your […]

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Finished Granny stripes crocheted using Lang Golf and Lang Quattro

Yarn Bombing Squirrel

I’ve Finished Crocheting the Granny Stripes! Since the last post I crocheted a few more rows of granny stripes, took the fabric to Squirrel to check it for size, crocheted some more rows and now it is finished. Here it is in all its colourful glory! Very jolly! Yarn Bombing at Squirrel Another quick visit to […]

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