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How to crochet front post stitches by Nicki Merrall from Being Knitterly

How to Crochet: Front Post Stitches (for right-handed crocheters)

Tutorial for right-handed crocheters: front post stitches In June I’m teaching the How to Crochet Raised Stitches short course. I thought this would be a good time to write a tutorial explaining raised stitches for those of you who can’t join us in person. Here’s a tutorial for right-handed crocheters about front post stitches (if you […]

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Tutorials for crocheting left-handed, crocheting right-handed, knitting left-handed and knitting right-handed by Nicki Merrall from Being Knitterly

Being Knitterly tutorials

How to crochet and knit tutorials I’d love you all to come to my classes and workshops, but apart from there not being enough spaces, many of you don’t live nearby. So, if you’d like to improve your crochet and knitting or learn new techniques, but can’t come to my short courses and workshops, you […]

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How to Crochet a Chain for right-handed crocheters

How to Crochet – Chain Stitch

The All Important Chain Stitch Most of the time we start a piece of crochet with a foundation chain. So, chain stitch is usually the first thing you learn. This is a beginner’s tutorial for right-handed crocheters, that is, you hold your hook in your right hand. Here is the tutorial for left-handed crocheters. One Chain at a Time Make […]

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Where to Insert Your Hook in the Top of Crochet Stitches (for right-handed crocheters)

Where to Insert Your Hook in the Top of Crochet Stitches

Crochet Stitches and Where to Insert the Hook Quite often when I’m teaching, students will ask about where to insert the hook into the top of crochet stitches. This is one instance where it really does matter how you crochet. Crochet designers write patterns with the assumption that everyone inserts their hook into the top […]

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How to Insert Your Hook into the Foundation Chain, right-handed

How to Insert Your Hook in the Foundation Chain

How to Crochet: Foundation Chains and Foundation Rows I thought I’d share with you answers to some of the questions that students often ask when learning to crochet. You may have read or been told that it doesn’t matter how you crochet. In some instances this is true. However if you want to follow a pattern and […]

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