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Crochet cast-on: Carry casting-on new stitches until you have one fewer than required.

How to knit tutorial: the crochet cast-on method (for knitting left-handed)

Casting On With a Hook and a Needle The crochet cast-on method creates a really neat edge that resembles a chain cast-off edge. Because of this, this cast-on method is sometimes known as the cast-off cast-on method. If you already crochet, then you should find this method fairly straightforward; if you don’t crochet, be brave […]

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How to knit tutorial: Double-knitting stocking stitch (for knitting left-handed)

How to knit tutorial: Double-knitting stocking stitch (for knitting left-handed)

Double-knitting: Reversible stocking stitch The version for knitting left-handed In this post I’m going to show you how to work stocking stitch when double-knitting. The following explanations and images are for those who knit left-handed, that is, your working hand is your left hand (regardless of which hand you use to hold the yarn) and the stitches move […]

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What is double-knitting?

How to knit tutorial: What is double-knitting?

Using double-knitting for colour work I came across double-knitting a few years ago. This technique intrigued me! Double-knit fabric has two layers which are knitted at the same time using two balls of yarn and a pair of straight knitting needles or a circular needle. You could use this technique to knit a seamless pocket, […]

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Western style untwisted knitting

How to knit tutorial: Western style untwisted knitting

The ‘standard’ style of knitting When I wrote about twisted and untwisted stitches, I said that I would be writing posts about the different styles of knitting (there are about eight different styles). This is the first of the series. In each post, I’ll show how knit and purl stitches are formed for knitters who […]

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How to knit tutorial: A beginner's guide to hand knitting simple socks

A Beginner’s guide to hand knitting simple socks

Knitting simple socks Although I have knitted for many years, I only made my first sock about 10 years ago. I bought some sock yarn and read through the pattern. I always do this before starting a knitting project, just so I understand how the item is made and what will be the easy and […]

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Twisted and untwisted stitches

How to knit tutorial: untwisted and twisted stitches

Doing the twist! Everyone has to start somewhere The first garment I knitted was a simple stocking stitch tunic with drop shoulders. It was a very straightforward design; most of you have probably made something similar – or maybe not since this was in the 1980’s! Although the tunic has long since been unravelled and reknitted […]

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How do your stitches sit?

How to knit tutorial: how do your stitches sit?

Are your stitches sitting pretty? How do your stitches sit on your needles? In this post I shall explain the different ways in which stitches may sit and how you can control which way they sit, for knitting both left- and right-handed. In my last post I wrote about a basic knit fabric structure – […]

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