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Guinevere fingerless mittens

Guinevere Fingerless Mittens

Guinevere Fingerless Mittens My latest design, Guinevere fingerless mittens, was inspired by Arthurian tales and coastal walks. I’m imagining mythical figures galloping along windswept beaches. A maiden is on a clifftop looking out to sea, maybe searching for her lover. Below her people are foraging for seaweeds and coastal flowers. Maybe they used these plants to dye yarns […]

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Ironwork, inspiration for London Town gansey designed by Nicki Merrall, published in The Knitter, Issue 82

London Town – An Urban Gansey

London Town, The Knitter, Issue 82 London Town gansey is my latest pattern. It has been published by The Knitter in Issue 82.  Today I’m writing about the inspiration behind the London Town gansey and why I refer to it as an “urban gansey”. What Does it Mean? I’m fascinated by the use of symbolism […]

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