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Cable cast-on method: insert working needle between last two stitches

How to knit tutorial: cable cast-on method (for left-handed knitters)

The cable cast-on is a modification of the knitted cast-on method The cable cast-on method is my go to method for teaching beginners. I like it because a new stitch is formed by moving the yarn in the same way as knitting, which means less for beginners to learn. And this method produces a cast-on […]

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Knitted cast-on method: start with a slip knot.

How to Cast On: The Knitted Cast-on Method (for left-handed knitters)

The Knitted Cast-on Method is Easy The knitted cast-on method is an easy way to cast on stitches. It’s not always the best way, so I’m going to show you how to do a knitted cast-on, then tell you when and when not to use it. How you did you learn to knit? Did your mother or […]

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