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How do your stitches sit?

How to knit tutorial: how do your stitches sit?

Are your stitches sitting pretty? How do your stitches sit on your needles? In this post I shall explain the different ways in which stitches may sit and how you can control which way they sit, for knitting both left- and right-handed. In my last post I wrote about a basic knit fabric structure – […]

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Understanding knitted fabric

How to knit tutorial: understanding knitted fabric

Let’s start with an easy one! Before we can look at knitting techniques we have to understand the structure of knit fabrics. Let’s look at the commonest knitted fabric, known as stocking stitch. You make this by knitting and purling alternative rows or knitting every round. Stocking stitch fabric has distinct right and wrong sides. This […]

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These hands are my hands!

These Hands Are My Hands

The joys of being left-handed These hands are my hands. They look like normal hands. Everyday tasks But these hands write like this! These hands can manage to use right-handed scissors fairly neatly. These hands use a knife and fork in the conventional way, but hold a spoon with the left hand, chop vegetables with […]

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