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Twisted and untwisted stitches

How to knit tutorial: untwisted and twisted stitches

Doing the twist! Everyone has to start somewhere The first garment I knitted was a simple stocking stitch tunic with drop shoulders. It was a very straightforward design; most of you have probably made something similar – or maybe not since this was in the 1980’s! Although the tunic has long since been unravelled and reknitted […]

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How do your stitches sit?

How to knit tutorial: how do your stitches sit?

Are your stitches sitting pretty? How do your stitches sit on your needles? In this post I shall explain the different ways in which stitches may sit and how you can control which way they sit, for knitting both left- and right-handed. In my last post I wrote about a basic knit fabric structure – […]

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