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Beginners knitting: learn to cast on and off, knit stitch, purl stitch and make a simple project during How to Knit for Beginners short course with Nicki from Being Knitterly

How to Knit for Beginners short course

Knitting course in October 2018 How to Knit for Beginners short course Let me tell you a bit about my popular beginners knitting short course that I’m running in October 2018. Why come to this beginners knitting short course? May be you’ve never tried to knit or you’ve tried and struggled. Maybe you can do […]

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Cable cast-on method: insert working needle between last two stitches

How to knit tutorial: cable cast-on method (for knitting left-handed)

The cable cast-on is a modification of the knitted cast-on method The cable cast-on method is my go to method for teaching beginners. I like it because a new stitch is formed by moving the yarn in the same way as knitting, which means less for beginners to learn. And this method produces a cast-on […]

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