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Detail of stitch transfer zip dress by Rory London, 2011, NTU

‘Knitwear: from Chanel to Westwood’ at the FTM

Off to London I first heard about the ‘Knitwear: Chanel to Westwood’ exhibition about a year ago and have been looking forward to it ever since then. So, a few weekends ago, armed with needles and yarn I took the train to London. The Fashion and Textile Museum is in Bermondsey just south of the river. Before […]

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Finished Granny stripes crocheted using Lang Golf and Lang Quattro

Yarn Bombing Squirrel

I’ve Finished Crocheting the Granny Stripes! Since the last post I crocheted a few more rows of granny stripes, took the fabric to Squirrel to check it for size, crocheted some more rows and now it is finished. Here it is in all its colourful glory! Very jolly! Yarn Bombing at Squirrel Another quick visit to […]

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Vintage Crochet and Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea – how it came to be A couple of years ago a friend was hosting a house-warming party; for entertainment she had booked a well-known crochet tutor to teach a workshop.  Unfortunately the tutor had to pull out a few weeks beforehand, so my friend was wondering what to do.  We came up […]

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The Custard Factory

Pen Nibs and Custard!

I’ve always had a fascination with how things are made, whether that be by hand or machine.  As I child, I remember watching milk bottles being filled in a factory; it was quite mesmerising! Recently, a group of us went to Birmingham, which is Britain’s second largest city.  For many centuries, the main industry was […]

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