Pattern options
Nicki’s hand-knit and crochet patterns are available to purchase as digital pdf downloads from the Being Knitterly Ravelry store, or here as printed booklets, together with a free digital copy. Some of her patterns are also available as part of a kit, again with a free digital copy.

Knitting left or right-handed
Nicki’s patterns are available in two versions: there’s one for those who knit left-handed as well as the standard one for those who knit right-handed.

Most of you knit right-handed, that is, your stitches move from the left to right needle as you knit: choose “knitting right-handed”.

Some of you knit left-handed, that is, your stitches move from the right to left needle as you knit: choose “knitting left-handed”.

If you are a left-handed knitter who knits right-handed, that is your stitches move from the left to right needle, you should choose “knitting right-handed”.

More information
You can find out about techniques used, available sizes and required yarn and equipment by clicking on the pattern name or image.

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