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If you need help to learn crochet or hand knit or you want to develop your skills further, why not try an online one-to-one tutorial with Nicki.

Please contact Nicki directly to discuss your requirements.


COVID precautions

As the UK is under a national lockdown, Nicki is teaching online one-to-one tutorials using Zoom. She uses an external webcam so you can watch her demonstrate techniques.

When restrictions allow Nicki will restart teaching one-to-one tutorials at the Being Knitterly Studio. These will follow guidelines to be Covid-safe. This is likely to be outdoors, weather permitting. Alternatively, tutorials will be inside, wearing visors. In both cases, the work area will be thoroughly cleaned before the tutorial, the sanitiser gel will be provided, and any equipment that is shared will be wiped between uses. Tutorials will be limited to one hour long.

Before booking your one-to-one tutorial

I’d love to teach you to crochet or hand-knit in a one-to-one tutorial. There are a few things I need to know before you can book!

What is your current experience of knitting and crochet?

Have you have tried to knit or crochet before? Or have you tried to learn, from a book or video, but struggled?  Or did you learn years ago, but have forgotten? Or can you do the basics (crochet: chain, double and treble crochet, traditional granny square; knit: cast-on, cast-off, knit and purl, garter stitch, stocking stitch, ribs and moss stitch) and would like to improve. Or are you fairly experienced (have made many items including garments)?

Just describe what you can and can’t do.

Have you a knitting or crochet goal in mind?

People book one-to-one tutorials for many reasons:

If you’re an absolute beginner, you’ll want to learn the basics. You might want to learn the techniques for a particular pattern or to read a pattern. You might be struggling with a particular project (I won’t finish it for you, but I’ll teach you what you need to know!) I might even rewrite part of a pattern if that’s what you need. Or maybe you are more experienced and would like to learn a particular technique.

Are you left- or right-handed?

I can teach both and have handouts for both.

How many hours do you want to book?

How long would you like each tutorial to last?

You might just one a single tutorial to help with something. You might prefer several one hour tutorials or fewer, but longer tutorials. If you have more than one tutorial, I’ll set you some homework to help you practise what you have learnt and prepare for the next tutorial.

When would you like to start?

Suggest a few times and dates and I’ll let you know which are suitable.

Where would you like to do your tutorial?

You can come to the Being Knitterly Studio. This is my favourite option because if you ask about something that we hadn’t planned, then I can find samples or tool or inspiring books to show you.

Alternatively, I can travel to you. I charge travel expenses. If I travel by car, then it costs 45 p per mile. Sometimes it’s possible to travel by bike and train, which is usually cheaper.

If you’re coming to the Being Knitterly Studio I’ll also provide refreshments suitable to the length of the tutorial.

How do you book your one-to-one tutorial?

Once I know how you want to proceed, I will send you a plan for your tutorial(s) and a secure link so you can pay, either by PayPal or card. One-to-one tuition costs £30.00 per hour for crochet and hand-knit, and £40.00 per hour for machine knitting. The tutorial plan is a flexible starting point, not set in stone. It’s there to help me with advance preparation so that you learn as much as possible from your tutorial.

After booking your one-to-one tutorial

A week before your one-to-one tutorial I’ll email you to remind you of the time and date and if you are coming to the Being Knitterly Studio, I’ll include the address. I’ll also let you know if you need to bring anything to your first tutorial.

If you’re a beginner, I’ll provide all materials and tools, as well as a summary of the techniques covered. If you want to learn a particular technique, then you bring your own equipment and I’ll provide materials and a summary of techniques covered. If you want help with a project, you’ll need to bring it to the tutorial.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

5 reviews for One-to-one tutorials

  1. Lynne Axelrad

    Thoroughly enjoyed the crochet tutorial on Monday 27th March. I learnt how to do “3D” crochet working through a pattern for a mandala. Thrilled to realise I was actually following the chart as easily as the text instructions, so a definite step forward in my crochet skills. Excellent surroundings for a workshop; good project to work on, as it was nearly completed by the end, so I had something to “take home” – well paced teaching and good hospitality. Thank you.

  2. Sharon Michelle

    I had my one to one lessons with Nicki a few years ago & I can’t tell you how excited I was when she said she would travel to my home. Being housebound, this was such a treat & Nicki was a wonderful tutor. I was a new knitter eager to knit socks & with Nicki’s help I was well on my way with three hour lessons. I’m now at that stage where I’d like to start garment knitting & with Nicki’s expertise & gentle approach anything is possible

    • Being Knitterly

      Thank you Sharon! I’m really impressed with the projects you’ve made recently; love seeing the photos on Instagram.

  3. Debbie

    I’m really happy with my one to one sessions with Nicki. It’s such a good way to focus on exactly the style and design you are interested in and to concentrate on areas you may be struggling with.
    Nicki has put me on the right path to create the designs I want to and I am looking forward to attending workshops in the future broaden my repertoire,

  4. Jenny

    My two hour one to one with Nicki this week was well worth the fee. In my case I needed help and encouragement with basic crochet.
    She was very patient and pitched her instructions at just the right level for me. Practising the crochet sitting next to someone with great skill helped my confidence.

  5. Guru Kaur

    Fair Isle was something I really wanted to learn and realised that it’s one of those skills which you need to learn from someone in the room and not a YouTube video. The only workshop I found on offer was a weekend in Wales which simply wasn’t going to work for me and realised by the time I’d paid for the accommodation and travel that a day at my home with Nicki as a 1:1 was the answer. And what a great answer it proved to be.

    Nicki has distilled the finer details of what appears to be a complicated process into something simple and easy to learn while her evident knowledge and enthusiasm meant that at the end of the day I was committed to starting my first Fair Isle project as soon as possible.

    During the day we covered all the facets Nicki covers on her weekend Fair Isle workshop and her vigilance at my side was evident when I made a mistake which was immediately spotted and corrected so I didn’t waste time learning the technique incorrectly and then unravelling several rows and some memory too in order to get back to where I was supposed to.

    Thank you, Nicki!

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